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Man returns library book with apology note after 49 years

The average contributor to society who forgets something – a birthday present, a doctor’s appointment, a borrowed DVD – will tend to lock themselves away within an impenetrable wall of silence. Basically, if you forget something; it’s best to never mention it again and hope you’ve gotten away with it.

Not for James Phillips, former student at the University of Dayton, Ohio; the man who returned a library book 49 years late. Discovering a borrowed copy of the History of the Crusadesamongst some souvenirs, Phillips became racked with guilt at a near half-century of students unable to know what happened during the Crusades; leading him to return the book with a deeply apologetic note.



The library was so flattered by his thoughtfulness, they waived the fee; which on a 1967 policy of acquiring a fine of 2 cents each day, had totaled to around $350 (£247).
“Please accept my apologies for the absence of the enclosed book History of the Crusades. I apparently checked it out when I was a freshman student and somehow it got misplaced all these years,” the note reads; though, when contacted, Philips gave a fascinating backstory to the book’s disappearance. The book was originally checked out during his first year on the campus, but he soon left the school to join the US Marines.

Someone appears to have gathered his belongings from his dorm room and sent them to his parents’ house, where they remained until both parents passed away; his father in 1994 and then his mother 2002. The items were then accidentally shipped to Philips’ younger brother.

“It was interesting to see a book that

Girl Who Confronted MLA for Library, Opens it Years later

Sunday would remain a special day in the life of S Sembaruthi as  she inaugurated a library in the presence of local MLA at Kollappadi village in Perambalur district. Two years ago, the 15-year-old girl developed the courage to confront her MLA and sought action to reopen the defunct library.

Daughter of Selvam, a farmer and resident of Kolappadi, Sembaruthi is a Class X student at the Government High School in Thungapuram.

S Sembaruthi inaugurating the library building at Kolappadi village, in Perambalur on Sunday; and (right) the plaque at the facility bearing her name | express


According to SS Sivasankar,  MLA of Kunnam constituency, Sembaruthi confronted him in August 2013 as he was about to get into his car after meeting locals and requested him to reopen the library in the village, which had remained closed for several years. “When I enquired about the library, no one even knew about the existence of such a facility,” he posted on his social media page. When Sivasankar asked the panchayat chief about the library , he was informed that

Bill to raise retirement age of Public Library staff to 60

The Andhra Pradesh government has introduced the Public Libraries Act 1980 amendment bill in the House on Friday to enhance the retirement age limit for Public Library staff from 58 to 60.

Introducing the bill, human resources minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao said the bill will provide it powers to induct into service the employees who had retired from service on attaining age 58 on and from June 2, 2014.

Andhra Pradesh Assembly (Photo: PTI)


The minister said consequent on the enhancement of age of superannuation of the Andhra Pradesh government servants, it has been decided to enhance the age of superannuation of the employees of Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas by amending the Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act suitably with retrospective effect from June 2, 2014 by inserting a new section in the Act.

Mr Srinivasa Rao said it was also decided to re-induct such employees of Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas who retired from service on attaining the age of 58 years on and from June 2, 2014 to the date of publication of the Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Amendment Act.