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62 Indians shortlisted for one-way Mars trip in 2024


Over 1,000 aspirants, including 62 from India, have been shortlisted for an ambitious private mission to send four men and women on a one-way trip to Mars in 2024 to establish a permanent colony on the red planet.


The Netherlands-based non-profit organization Mars One announced the selection of 1,058 candidates from the applicant pool of over 200,000 hoping to establish human life on Martian soil.

The applicants came from over 140 countries and more than 20,000 Indians had applied for the first round.

According to, of those who made the first cut, 297 are from the US. Canada is the second best represented country with 75 candidates, followed by India with 62 and Russia with 52.

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academic research networkMayur Vaidya from IIT-Madras is pursuing a PhD in material sciences. Till some time ago, he wasn’t sure of the content sources relevant to his topic and available through the institute library. His mentor told him about Knimbus and he’s been using the online platform since then. As Knimbus is customized to his library subscriptions, he got just those articles in search that he could access. That saves his time and effort in finding content and he also got to know of other publisher platforms.